Information for package maintainers

In the project list, the package names link to brief information about each package. There, under the title “Latest release”, the version number of the latest release always links to /rel/$pkgname/latest.html. Periodically download this file and use diff(1) to detect changes. This will give you all information you need to update your package. If you are only maintaining a package for an old versions of a program, you can still do this, as the file may be updated with security announcement, corrections (maybe an old dependency is removed or a missed dependency is added), dependency updates (for example to specify the the software is compatible with a newer version of a library), new valid checksums (it happens that source code hosting services change details about how a tarball is generated, causing it's checksum to change for no apparent reason); but if you are only maintaining a package for an old version of a program, you may instead want to periodically download the file specific to the version you are maintaining, as those files will still be updated in these cases. You can also use [this script] to automate some parts of maintaining a package. It may be good to known that every single file on this domain (but not the subdomains) are signed except (of course the signature files themselves and) [a file] you periodically pull to see which key all files are currently signed with; just add .sig to the end of the URL.