Description: A simpler alternative to sudo and doas
Status: Feature complete (environment whitelist is still subject to updates)
Latest release: 1.1.7
License: ISC License (Internet Systems Consortium license)
Written in: C (ISO C99)

asroot is a very simple alternative to sudo and doas. It does not offer elaborate permission configurations, switching user to any other than root, or switching user without specifying your password (you will not even be able to use asroot unless your user has a password); it will also as you for your password every single time. There are no configurations at all, except two compile-time configurations: the sleep duration after a failed authentication attempt and the password prompt format (the user is adviced to customise to detect bad attempts at replacing the command in an attempt to get the user's password). Any user, with a password, will be able to run any command as root, as long as he is a member of the wheel group. The only option that exists lets the user specify that the environment variables shall be kept as is. asroot ca be compiled to use libpassphrase. asroot does not use PAM.