Make time

Most people sleep about 8 hours per day. Add to this 8 hours of work, two hours of commute and one over of other necessities. This adds up to 19 hours, leaving 5 hours per weekday to have a life, including weekends, this average to 8 hours per day. But like me, you can sustainably sleep only 5 hours per day. This gives you an average of 11 hours of actual life per day. Sleeping a sound 5 hours, gives you 40% more time of real life. If I sleep 8 hours in a night, I actually get backpain, but not if i sleep for 5 hours. And sleeping 5 hours, I actually sleep in every day, I do weak up by my self, alert, after 4 hours as this was the mount I slept for about 4 years. So, although my may need to take a cold show in the morning to properly wake up, you can sleep only 4 hours per day. This gives you 50% more time to do whatever you want. Peradventure you have 60 years left of your life — I can you can live another 60 years, or another 84, or even 90 years. Alternatively, you can use your longer days to improve yourself and your carrier.