Social media is a tremendous time waster. One exceptional Social media is LinkedIn, it is useful because you can find many communities wherein that for example offer regular maths challenges, and also once you want to move on the your next employement, they want references, and you may prefer to use references from once employement back, but it can be difficult to find and get in contect with them if they have a very common name and they also have changed employement. But having LinkedIn also comes at the cost of shotgut-approach recruiters regularly wasting your time, simply having having GitHub and an e-mail address for them to contact you on gives you just enough high quality recruiters and not too many broadcast-approach recruiters. Just like with news shows, some people spend hours a day in them, like an unrestrained kid with a video game. Removing this distraction gives me more time to contribute to the world, study, read, working out, challenge myself, have fun in the serene woods, learning new things, be creative at home, enjoy the rain, and focus on my life purpose and goals. Some social media is also harmful because it creates an addiction on positive feedback. True happiness lies in experiences and personal growth, and to some extent genuine connections, not shallow connections, a thumbs up, escapism and fear.